The Afrinolly Master Class aims to offer young and emerging filmmakers in Africa exceptional creative opportunities and experiences with leaders of the movie industry. A programme of talks, technical tips and career advice is intended to give budding film makers insight into all aspects of film making from writing and directing to acting and producing. Afrinolly Master Class strives to provide these Hangout events, so that people of all abilities, status and background can be inspired by and learn from masters of the craft.

We recognize that some people aspiring to enter the Afrinolly Short Film Competition may not have prior experience of participating in this type of competition. Consequently we have sought the help of experienced and skilled professionals to collaborate with us to ensure a level-playing field for all participants.

Our collaborators and some of our judges will be taking the Master classes. Others will include but not limited to Idriss Kpange based in Sierra Leone, Carol Kathurima based in Kenya, Ebou Waggeh based in Gambia and Charles Aniagolu based in UK.

Take advantage of their kind gesture to enhance your chances in the Afrinolly Short Film Competition. Join conversations with them via our Google+ page;