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Obi Emelonye Carol Kathurima Tambay Obenson
Filmmaker, film critic, film blogger Tambay Obenson self-financed his first feature film 'Beautiful Things' in 2003. In 2005, inspired by the lack of distribution and awareness for indie films about people of African descent, he formed Voyager Film Company Inc and self-distributed his feature; 2 years later, he developed a blog called The Obenson Report on Black Cinema. It would gradually gain in popularity, affording Tambay other writing opportunities, notably an op-ed he penned for NPR's News & Notes, calling for an autonomous black owned and operated film studio.

In accordance with his steadfast belief in collective power, in 2009, Tambay teamed up with other black cinema bloggers to create a single web portal for cinema of the African Diaspora. The new site, called Shadow and Act, has enjoyed great success in the 3½ years since its debut, growing to become the primary destination for black cinema on the web. His journalistic inclination aside, Tambay continues to write fiction, intent on producing more films. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.