About Us

Our Mission

At Afrinolly Short Film Competition, our mission is to promote and empower African filmmakers to tell their stories through short films, fostering creativity, preserving cultural heritage, and enriching the filmmaking landscape in Africa. We believe that short films have the power to inspire, educate, and entertain, allowing Africa’s vibrant voices to be heard across the globe.

Our Vision

We envision a continent where African short films are recognized, celebrated, and given a global platform. We strive to create opportunities for emerging talents, encourage diversity and inclusivity in the film industry, and spark meaningful conversations through impactful storytelling. Through the power of the film medium, we aim to contribute to the socio-cultural growth and development of Africa, while bridging the gap between filmmakers and the audience.

Our History

Afrinolly Short Film Competition was established in About Us with the vision of Eugene Castro, a passionate filmmaker committed to creating a platform specifically dedicated to showcasing African short films. Eugene Castro recognized the immense talents and untold stories that hide within Africa’s bustling film industry but often struggle to reach broader audiences. The competition quickly gained recognition and support from both renowned filmmakers and film enthusiasts across Africa.

Our Founder – Eugene Castro

Eugene Castro is a visionary filmmaker who studied film production in a prestigious institute, gaining profound technical knowledge and a deep passion for African cinema. Drawing from his personal experiences as a filmmaker, Eugene Castro aimed to fill a critical void in the African film industry by providing a unique platform solely for African short films. His relentless dedication, creative acumen, and determination laid the foundation for Afrinolly Short Film Competition.

Creation of the Website

Driven by the desire to expand our reach and provide a seamless screening process for filmmakers, the decision to create a website was made. We recognized the need to enhance accessibility, enabling filmmakers from all corners of Africa to have an equal opportunity to showcase their talent. Our online platform allows filmmakers to easily submit their short films and connect with a global audience passionate about African cinema.

Objective and Target Audience

The objective of the Afrinolly Short Film Competition website is to become a hub for discovering, promoting, and celebrating African short films. We aspire to create opportunities for emerging talents, while also providing a platform for established filmmakers to share their work and impact the film industry. Our platform is specifically tailored for African filmmakers, film enthusiasts, industry professionals, and prospective investors seeking to support and engage with the African film community.

Unique Value Proposition

What sets Afrinolly Short Film Competition apart is our strong and experienced team of film editors and professionals who curate the submitted films to ensure quality and relevance. Our team consists of passionate individuals with extensive knowledge and expertise in African cinema. By maintaining such high standards, we ensure that we showcase only the most exceptional short films from Africa, elevating the region’s film industry and providing unparalleled recognition to the selected filmmakers.

Embrace the power of short films in amplifying African voices and join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of African storytelling. Afrinolly Short Film Competition enables filmmakers to discover profound connections, inspiring collaborations, and exciting opportunities. Be a part of our journey to revolutionize African cinema, one short film at a time!

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